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This page contains a portfolio of work produced by Edgecase.


- Brief Summary
- Contents
- Business research
- Medical research
- Software
- Software recipes
- Software testing reports
- Software archaeology
- Plaintext renditions of books, documents, and PDF files
- Public key identity documents
- Contracts


The structure of a Bitcoin bank

The Establishment of a Cryptocurrency Guild

The Value of Software


An Overview of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Home treatments for coronavirus


Notes on the security of P2SH multisignature addresses

Building a parser for EML

A simple API: JSON Input/Output

Using GPG 1.4.10 statelessly

Edgecase Markup Language (EML): Latin-1

Generating entropy with dice

Creating and signing a standard raw Bitcoin transaction: Iteration #2


GPG 1.4.10 Stateless Operations

Basic GPG Commands

Basic Vim commands

Recipe for storing bitcoin on paper using an offline Raspberry Pi #2

Recipe for manually mounting a USB flash drive

Recipe for managing the fee and broadcast of a Bitcoin transaction #2

Recipe for creating and signing a nonstandard Bitcoin transaction #2

Recipe for creating and signing a standard Bitcoin transaction #2

Recipe for generating a Bitcoin address #2

Recipe for generating entropy bytes using dice #2


Verifying the first signed article in Edgecase Datafeed

Creating a Bitcoin transaction with two inputs

Testing GPG 1.4.10

Installing GPG 1.4.10 on CentOS 7.6

Creating a Bitcoin transaction with two outputs

Verifying the first checkpoint article in Edgecase Datafeed

Testing a list of Vim commands

Storing bitcoin on an offline Raspberry Pi

Using a transaction to validate a Bitcoin address

Verifying a signed deed of the GPG 1.4.10 source code

Compiling bitcoind (trb 0.5.4) on Debian 7.11


Remapping keys in CentOS 7.6

Printable ASCII

The ASCII text encoding

New computer: Shovel

Compiling GPG 1.4.10 from source

Installing OpenSSH on Cygwin and using it to access a VPS

Installing Cygwin on Windows 7

Creating and signing a standard raw Bitcoin transaction

Reading and verifying a standard raw bitcoin transaction

Offline installation of a C compiler on Centos 6.9 Minimal on Kalkin

Hardening the BIOS on Kalkin against remote access

Mapping the BIOS on Kalkin

Examining a boot problem on Kalkin

Listing available tools on Centos 6.9 Minimal

Installing Centos 6.9 Minimal on Kalkin

Checking Kalkin's hardware details using Centos 6.9

Exploring the BIOS boot options on Kalkin


The two currencies of Florence by Raymond de Roover [from book]

Programming as Theory Building by Peter Naur [from PDF containing a scan]

The last thoughts of Bindon [from ASCII text]

The Palace by Rudyard Kipling [from PDF containing a scan]

Uncleftish Beholding by Poul Anderson [from book]

The Factory Director in the U.S.S.R. by Raymond A Bauer [from book]

The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni [from PDF]

John T. Flynn: How the great Rothschild family of bankers got started [from PDF containing a scan]

Lucius Annaeus Seneca: On the Shortness of Life [from HTML text]

James Goldman: A Word About Castles [from PDF containing a scan]

Warren Buffett on pensions [from PDF containing a scan]

Lombard Street by Walter Bagehot: Chapter 1 [from PDF containing a scan]

James Sullivan on the nature of banks [from PDF containing a scan]


Public Key Identity Document: StJohn Piano

Public Key Identity Document: StJohn Piano 2


Contract 0
- Contract 0 formally allows a public key (stjohn_piano_2) to act as the representative of another (stjohn_piano).