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Edgecase offers various services based around its secure publication system.

These include:

1) Publishing portfolio pieces, especially (but not only) for software developers.

- An essay on blockchain fundamentals
- A recipe for generating a Bitcoin address
- A paper on a text parsing approach
- A guide for the stateless use of GPG
- A markup language extension for Latin-1
- A compilation report

Example of a Portfolio section on your CV:


Blockchain Fundamentals
Published 2019-04-21 [4 pages]

Hello World on a server (DigitalOcean, Nginx, Gunicorn, Python)
Published 2019-09-29 [128 pages]

2) Paywalled access to various digital assets published on Edgecase Datafeed.

- The code assets for a Bitcoin software toolset

3) Publishing a text or asset that a client wishes to permanently preserve in an unalterable form.

- Contracts
- Wills
- Software recipes
- Core software dependencies
- Identity documents

The client can encrypt the item if it is important that it be kept secret.

4) The production of plaintext renditions of books, documents, and PDF files.

- A letter from Warren Buffett on pensions and how to manage them
- The first chapter of Lombard Street by Walter Bagehot
- An excerpt that describes the dual currency system used in 15th-century Florence

5) Publishing anything interesting, useful, or entertaining.

- Essays
- Historical accounts
- Science fiction
- Project reports
- Poems
- Software archaeology reports
- Chat transcripts
- Book excerpts

6) Consultation: A client may have further questions after reading an article.

7) Commission: A client may wish to commission a project and have the result delivered as an article.

If you are interested in any of these services, please create an Edgecase account.

Please see the following page for examples of work produced by Edgecase:
Edgecase portfolio

For a text to be accepted for publication, Edgecase must believe that it is worth preserving. There should be a reasonable chance that the text will be worth re-reading in a few years' time.